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Stranger Things? SEO! ✨

Not living in the 1980s anymore is a blessing and a curse:

No more shoulder pads and promoting your business in the Yellow Pages... but today you have to put time in your SEO strategy, starting by understanding how SEO works!

Here's the great news for us living in the future:

  • SEO is a great tool to promote your business online > increase your traffic > increase your leads > increase your sales.

  • Wix makes it as easy as possible to set up with our...

If you have a Wix business website, chances are you are half way setting up your SEO Checklist (aka SEO Wiz), or maybe you are just missing 11 tasks...

So, get that traffic growing!

Go to your Dashboard > Marketing & SEO > SEO Tools > Get Found on Google and complete the missing tasks. Don't forget to put your Keywords if you have not.

If you already work with me or another Wix Customer Success Expert, reach out for help!

Don't leave your site lost in the Upside Down of the web, and help your future customers find you with the SEO Wiz. No Christmas lights required! ✨


  • SEO: lingo term (aka acronym) for Search Engine Optimization

  • Search Engine Optimization: as defined by Wix, it means making your website more readable to search engines so they can better index your site. This improves search accuracy and the relevance of search results.

  • Where to learn more:

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