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Domain Horror Story

Updated: Aug 3

We all have been there -and by "all" I mean those of us creating websites with Wix- :

  • we finish designing and setting up a new stunning website,

  • get our,

  • publish it with success,

  • present the final product to our client...

And days later... the horror!! we get an angry phone call from the client fuming because their website is down!

disconnected domain example

Welcome to your very own...

Domain Horror Story

This happens very often for those creating websites for a living, specially when the client requests to become the Owner of the website.*

If this has happened to you, you need to read this.

When a domain is set up for the first time, Wix sends a verification email from:

It is a common mistake for Website Owners to miss this email, specially when it is their first time owning a Wix Website AND when they have a : their server tends to direct these verification emails to spam.

This is a major issue because when they don't confirm their email on time (yes, there's a deadline to reply to this verification email), the system deactivates the website's domain, and bam! the next time your client tries to visit their website they get the image above ☝️ and all hell breaks loose. 🔥

When this happens, as the Wix Account Owner of the website (and domain) they will likely get a notification like this in their dashboard:

Domain deactivated alert

In my experience, Account Owners (specially those new to a Wix website) tend to ignore this message, just like teenage drivers tend to ignore the check engine light in their car 🚗 (guilty!! 😁).

When they get this warning, they need to click the button Go to Domains or directly go to Dashboard > Domains > Resend Verification Email where they will find the following message:

Resend Verification Email message

They must click Resend Verification Email and expect the email from . As their website creator, make sure they are aware of this and they get their email server to accept this sender email in their inbox, OR to check their spam/junk folders.

This problem is like a cavity unattended 🦷. It can get much more worse if they don't take action on time! 😵 This is why:

When they leave this issue unattended, the system will blacklist their email and they won't get any email from Wix at all. Now they have two problems to resolve, one after another:

  1. Getting whitelisted, so they can get emails from > resolved only by contacting Wix Customer Care.

  2. Once whitelisted, they can proceed to request Wix to Resend Verification Email, in order to confirm their domain once they get the email from

As web creators, it is in our best interest to educate our website clients about these processes, specially when they request to become the Owner of the website, because with that ownership comes duties they need to attend timely, otherwise they can hurt their business without knowing, like getting their domains disconnected, which leads to loosing leads / clients / traffic, and more.

The lesson here is:

  • Owners of a new website set with a new Wix Domain, must expect an email verification from

  • They must proceed to verify their ownership as soon as possible

  • If they don't get the email in their inbox, they must look for it in their spam/junk folders

  • As website creators, make sure none of your clients are getting this warning:

  • If they do, now you know what must be done to resolve the issue.

  • Never let a client (neither your own Wix Account) get blacklisted by Wix, or else they (and you) will miss important notifications from Wix AND you will need to spend precious time with Customer Care requesting to get whitelisted.

For more information check this resource in our Help Center or contact Wix Customer Care.

*Note: For those new to Wix or not familiar with Wix at all, Wix Websites can be accessed / managed by several roles, such as:

  • Owner

  • Co-Owner

  • Website Manager

  • and many more customizable roles

Learn more about it in this article.

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