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Googling Happiness vs Finding Happiness

Are you considering investing in online advertising? Chances are you will find yourself choosing between Facebook Ads and Google Ads.

Here's something to think about: customers don’t always know what they need.

Have you tried googling what you can’t even describe?

How can we use Google if we don’t even have the words for what we need?


“I am hosting a big celebration and I want something memorable for my guests”

  • Google this, and you get 193 millions results, with blog posts suggesting a myriad of ideas… not the solution you are looking for.

  • Browse Facebook or Instagram with party ideas in mind, and you will be drawn to posts about 360 photo booths, party rentals, or balloon arrangements… Bingo! These are solutions!

“My body aches and I am super stressed”

  • Google this, and you get 198 million results, with posts from WebMD and Healthline at the top.

  • Browse Facebook or Instagram with this in mind, and you will be drawn to posts about yoga classes or massage therapy.

You get the idea…

If you are thinking of investing in online advertising, consider this: Google Ads are great for those actively looking for your service with the right words. But there is a wide pool of customers out there that need a hint to realize you are the solution they need.

Help your customers find happiness without having to Google it.

Advertise your service through social media discovery with the Facebook Ads integration in your Wix Dashboard.

Wix uses Artificial Intelligence to help you:

  • Set up in quick and easy steps your Facebook/Instagram ad campaign,

  • Track engagement and monitor ad performance,

  • Analyze results, visits and sales to calculate campaign efficiency, among other benefits.

You can start a campaign with just $79 usd a month!

Want to know more about Facebook Ads with Wix?

And before I go, some wisdom from Steve Jobs:

People don't know what they want until you show it to them.

👋 Toodaloo!

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